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"SPIRO" - to be released in 2012 - is the sequel to "Soothing To The Savage Beast". It contains material composed (on the spot as always) both in the '90's as well as during the last decade.

With it a trilogy of what I have come to call Religious Music of the New Millennium is concluded.

The new dramatic element in this album is the corporation of the female voice which I entrusted in the extraordinaire sopranos,friends & pals Julie Ziavras & Eleni Kalaitzidou. The album opens with a magnificient praise to the invincible force of EROS with Eleni Kalaitzidou's priestess-like voice proclaiming in ancient Greek the famous quote from Sophocles' tragedy Antigoni EROS ANIKATE MAHAN (Eros Invincible In the Battle) & ending in a grandioso ever uplifting duet with the very powerful, warrior-like tenor John Rodger.

From then on the music flies all over the universe heading towards higher spheres with occasional intervals of familiar but very magical states like Olivia's Lullaby or Immortal Beloved .The album ends with New Millennium & Voyage'89, a new age on earth where Heaven has been restored & Spirit recognised. 



Ad Infinitum (Clip)   Agiasma
Outhere (Track) Requiem for Pat & Lady D (Clip)
AENA (Clip)   The Custodian
Olivia's Lullaby (Clip)   Beauty's Love
  Everlasting   Farewell
Immortal Beloved (Clip) New Millennium (Track)
  Eternia   Voyage'89


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