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Released in 1994 "Soothing to the Savage Beast" starts with "Beast's Love", an ultra romantic love theme with daring and passionate variations. At the end of the song romanticism and passion are left behind opening the door to the healing realm of "Voyage '89".From then on the music becomes a healing vehicle that travels from one spiritual realm to another.

The  new dramatic element of this CD besides the use of raw nature sounds is the introduction of DREAMBAND (4 piece band & guests), the use of human voice (3 children uttering angelic messages, the gorgeous voice of singer & pal Marlon Saunders) and the last piece entitled "HEART ENERGY" which pioneers a synthetic piece of work (Tr.17, 18, 19, 20) that includes channeled information about our purpose on earth, heart energy, the great experiment of creation and Heaven on Earth. (Tr.18, angelic messages).

Enjoy the samples.
Beast's Love (Clip) Voyage '93 (Clip)
Voyage '89 (Track)   Transition
  Voyage '90   DREAMBAND:
  Spirit World Dance Of The Sacred Prostitute (Clip)
Come Ye (Clip) Home journey Home (Clip)
  Awakenings   Trilogy(Parts 1& 2)
  Voyage '91   HEART ENERGY:
  Never Far From Home   Frustration within Your Being
  Home Willow Angelic Messages (Clip)
  Voyage '92 Glory Alleluia (Clip)
  AUM   Voyage '94


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