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"OF MYSTIC PLACES & TROUBADOURS" (2004 re-release) is my hymn to falling in love, to EROS;

An instrumental album composed mostly of synthesized acoustic instruments, strings & rich pads.

The CD starts and ends with Master Troubadour's eternal Love Song, a love theme reminiscent of Middle Ages & Renaissance performed by New Age flutist extraordinaire Maria Kostelas.

Audio images of mystic places & troubadours succeed & merge into one another as each piece of music blends to the next creating a time travel of magic & mystery .... VISUAL... POETIC.... UNIQUE !!

Click on IDEAS to read the CD insert, a hymn to EROS in writing.
Master Troubadour (Track) Spreadwings (Clip)
  Master Troubadour & His Love   Troubadour II / Vassilis Saleas
  Eros   5th Breeze
  Ramapo   Spirit
Troubadour I (Clip)   Troubadour I
  Mystic   All In Flux & All Is Well
Floating Voices (Clip) Troubadour III / Erosani (Clip)
Troubadour I (Clip)   Master Troubadour & His Love
  We Die To Wake Up   Master Troubadour



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